We were approached by a local accounting firm about managing their SEO and SEM programs.  They had been with the same agency for 5 years and were not getting the results they desired.   They had no idea which leads came from word-of-mouth and organic traffic and which leads were coming via paid advertising.  Their SEO rankings were also stagnant and they weren’t receiving what they felt were their fair share of Google/Bing search traffic.  We took over their account 18 months ago and immediately instituted call tracking on all inbound calls so that they would know the source of the calls — Yelp, SEO, PPC, Facebook, etc. — and created trackable events for every action taken on the website.   We further designed a content plan to create blog articles that were targeted towards keyword searches that were most relevant to their business.   Overall traffic and leads have increased dramatically but most of all, they finally have a handle on lead attribution and can make informed decision regarding their market channel lead expenditures.