We are IdeaWizard.

We have been helping clients for over 10 years reach their customers online. We build rich, beautiful websites, create SEO programs and strategies so potential customers can find and learn more about you and we run comprehensive digital marketing campaigns to drive sales and maximize ROI.


We design memorable, clean and responsive websites that will show you in the best light and maximize leads and sales.


Success starts with a comprehensive strategy and clear, defined KPIs and goals.


We will optimize your website and work on a content plan to ensure that your site is found by the customers who are most valuable to you.


We identify the customers most important to you and tailor a compelling message to get them to convert.

How we work.

1 All projects start with a thorough review of our client's needs. Usually this involves having the team fill out a detailed questionnaire which helps us understand your business, your customers and your goals. For SEO/SEM assignments we work on determining the keywords that are most valuable to your customers and which will convert to the most valuable leads. We don’t only look at keywords that produce the most traffic, we also look for keyword phrases that are less competitors and which we are most likely to win for SEO and which are most cost-effective for paid ads. Once we understand your business and agree on a strategy, we move into the implementation phase.

2 In the next phase of the assignment the IdeaWizard team implements the strategy. This could involve building a new website or updating an existing site. For paid advertising we will work with your team on new ads -- images, videos and text-based ads. We will set up all aspects of the Adwords and Facebook accounts and work with your team on remarking and display ads. For SEO assignments we we will make sure that your online directory footprint is consistent and that you are fully represented in the local packs. We will create a content and link building strategy where appropriate.

3 The operational phase involves maintaining the website, ensuring that it is secure and protected and that it conforms to the latest standards. If we are managing a content calendar, we work with your team to brainstorm relevant articles to both inform visitors and portray you in the best possible light, and also to win search terms so you appear at the top of the SERP rankings. For paid advertising we optimize campaigns daily to make sure we are paying the minimum for leads with the most efficient bid strategy, while also optimizing keywords and negative keyword lists to be sure that the leads we are attracting are most relevant to our services.